Veloine [velouin]
2019    photos: Stan Koolen

Veloine is a new boutique brand for women cycling apparel, born 2019, blending high performance with contemporary design. Veloine was created for modern, female cyclists who are dedicated to performance, but care just as much about fashion.

Veloine approached Snobici right after they launched their first collection. They asked me If I was interested to show the kit on our page. I immidiately said yes, because I wanted to do more for womenscycling on our account, as 85% of the people that follow snobici on instagram are men. They sent me over a kit, two longsleeve jerseys a bib and some other goodies. But the question was, who was going to wear this kit, definitely not me. I knew someone that would perefectly fit this kit, at that time Minke was still training, racing and being a mother, so it was hard to find some free time to shoot the kit.

We finally found some time to shoot a series together. We decided to go to a parking garage in the city center of Breda. This would be a good location to shoot the kit. Veloine’s lookbook was already shot in the moutains, so a more urban/city feeling to our series was a nice contrast to the already excisting lookbook.

Shown in the photo series you can see Veloine’s Furka jersey in the colour Mulberry and Tarmac both paired with the black bib Bonette. The Furka cycling jerseys have been designed with performance and fashion in mind. Composed of premium fabrics and manufactured in Italy. The shorts have been designed for female riders and their specific requirements, pays attention to detail to make you feel most comfortable on your ride, in performance and style.

Set 1: Furka jersey (Mulberry) + Bonette Bib 

Set 2: Furka jersey (Tarmac) + Bonette Bib