SNOBICI x Temple Project 
2019    photos: Stan Koolen, Henokh Wahyudi

Late 2018, I, the founder of SNOBICI, was approached by Henokh on instagram. Henokh is the owner of the Asian brand Temple Project. I had never heard of Temple Project before nor did I know that Henokh, originally from Bali, was living in the Netherlands. He asked me if I was interested in doing a SNOBICI x Temple Project collab.

We decided to meet up at the six days of Rotterdam, probably the best spot to discuss business. Henokh told me everything about the brand, his ideas and his future plans. One of those plans was a collaboration with SNOBICI. I always liked the idea of doing a SNOBICI kit, but never found the right person or did I had the guts to do it on my own. Henokh gave me the freedom to design my own kit, so a few months later the first samples were shipped over to the Netherlands. It took us four samples (factory mistake) before we were ready to show the kit to the public.

Influenced by my passion in interior design, the kit was inspired by the works of Charles and Ray Eames. Paticularly the fiberglass chairs from the 1950’s. The kit received it’s unique colours, elephant hide grey, parchament and forest green. Two of those colours were the first colors offered for the fiberglass chairs back in the day, Elephant Hide Grey and Parchment.

The Snobici kit is available here.

special thanks to: SweetprotectionAlbaopticsTitici