SNOBICI Essentials - Sébastien Jarrot
2020    photos:  Sébastien Jarrot

Name: Sébastien Jarrot @cycliste_tricolore
Age: 40
Location: Annecy, La France
Profession: Brand manager - roadcycling

Website: Instagram


Why cycling: 

Cycling is a devouring passion that hasn't left me since I  started cycling at the age of 8 in a small village in Champagne. My motivation and the love I have for this sport is endless, being present in all stages of my life. At the beginning to surpass myself, where I tried to exceed my limits in competition but also in a way to express myself with the dream of becoming a professional mountain biker at the time.

Today it is more an art of living, an attitude, the pleasure of discovering new roads, the feeling of freedom, meeting other passionate people around the world but most of all to pass on the love for the great outdoors to my children.

What is your favorite cycling destination and why?
So difficult to answer this question with a single destination, each place has its own charm.

So… as a good French chauvinist that I am, I would say the French Alps and more particularly the Tarentaise valley at the foot of the Iseran and Petit Saint Bernard passes.

Why is that? First, it's where I met the woman of my life, who introduced me to the most beautiful roads here and we got married here last year.

This valley has all the ingredients that a climber, in love with mountains, is looking for. Stunning views narrow less-traveled roads, high elevation passes, all what I love but also because I have some good friends living here in the valley. Part of the love, the apres-velo is great too in Tarentaise thanks to cosy mountain accommodations or restorts with sauna and Hamman close to Bourg Saint-Maurice. A great place to relax after a long day in the saddle.

What is your favorite essential and why?

Where I ride in the French Alps,  things are simple and quiet. I choose my rides for the beauty of the road and not only the destination, it’s a simple and complex process at the same time.

When it comes to my gear I have the same philosophy/approach. I select my gear for the beauty (and simplicity) of its design, where every item has its own unique function but together they make my ride whole.

If I had to choose only one item, it would be the Mavic Insulate SL Vest, ultra-compact with an incredible insulating power weighing less than 75g. I wear it on every wrinkle in the mountains. Very practical at the top of the passes or off-bike in the hut at night. It's the heat without the thickness, it’s my go-to item for 80% of my alpingravel rides.

What is your favorite race and why?
If I have to pick one, without a doubt, it would be Paris-Roubaix, for the brutality of the race and in reference to the romance of yesteryear cycling where the excitement is at its best until the last paved sector. I love the 1981 edition when the Badger (Bernard Hinault) won the race in his rainbow jersey. 

What is your favorite mid ride (coffee) stop or hotspot?
It is a bike friendly cafe called Pause & Kurtos @pausecoffeekurtos located in Bourg Saint Maurice in the Tarentaise valley and Annecy (my hometown). It’s run by friends, Mateo and Krizty who are passionate about mountains and cycling. They make the best specialty coffee in the region. When I don’t ride, I spend most of my time there, it's so nice, not to be missed. It's not unusual to meet professional riders like Froome or Dumoulin there, in June, in preparation for the Tour de France.

1. Mavic Cosmic Wind LS Jersey  
2. Mavic Cosmic Pro Thermo Bib Short
3. Julbo Rush sunglasses
4. Mavic Comete Ultimate MIPS helmet
5. Elite Fly water bottle
6. Mavic Allroad Pro shoes (sample color)
7. Pelotan Sunscreen roller
8. Apidura Racing series packs
9. Muc-Off hand spray
10. Omota One KPH Gray
11. Baouw Organic nutrition gels
12. Mavic Allroad pro wheels