SNOBICI Essentials - Pedro González
2020    photos: Pedro González

Name: Pedro González - @pedroglezpht
Age: 31
Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Profession: Industrial design engineer working as sales assistant in a sports shop and I take photos.



Why cycling: 

Cycling has been present in all my life, I started riding BMX many years ago, followed by riding my fixed gear bike here on the island, and finally In 2016 I decided to go riding bikes with gears, mainly road and gravel.

For me cycling always have been a way to escape the daily routines, a way to feel free and it helps me to focus on the present and future.

What is your favorite cycling destination and why?
To be fair, I have never been outside of the Canary Islands with my bike before. The islands here have a lot to offer, especially Lanzarote and Fuerteventura have many roads and gravel paths to explore, it’s easy to get lost in these amazing landscapes.

What is your favorite essential and why?

First of all, my Open U.P. custom painted by Napa is my favorite bike and I use it with three different wheels sets, the Zipp 302 for road rides, the DT Swiss C1800 with 700x40 gravel tires for mixed surface rides and the DT Swiss X1900 with 650bx50 tires for more broken gravel tracks and single-track rides. I love this bike, it’s capable to adapt to any situation and surface.

The second one is my camera, I'm always shooting photos during my rides. No ride without a photo. The third favorite essential, is not really one item, it’s all of my PEdAL ED apparel, they have collections for on and off the bike, it perfectly suits my style of riding and daily life.

What is your favorite race and why?
I have never been a race follower but lately I’ve become a dot watcher. I like to follow endurance races like Transcontinental Race, The Silk Road Mountain Race and the Atlas Mountain Race. Is truly inspiring to see people riding thousands of kilometer in a row in a self-supported way.

What is your favorite mid ride (coffee) stop or hotspot?
My favorite coffee stop is almost at the end of the ride. I really enjoy to stop for a espresso at Napa Shop when I’m on my way home. Napa is more than a shop, is a meeting point for people who love cycling.

1. Open U.P. Custom painted by Napa, Shimano Ultegra- GRX, Zipp 302, DT Swiss C1800, DT Swiss X1900 650B
2. PEdAL ED Odyssey Jersey and Bib Shorts
3. Suplest Shoes, Road and XC
4. POC Octal helmet
5. Cordel Durum handlebar bag, perfect for long rides
6. Wahoo ELMNT BOLT and Wahoo Tickr
7. Alba Optics Stratos for road rides and ANVA for gravel rides and daily life.
8. Cafe de Finca Specialty Coffee
9. Aeropress brewer.
10. Pioneer Carry Molecule Cardholder
11. Apple iPhone 11, AirPods and Watch Serie 3
12. Fujifilm X100F with Teleconverter
13. PEdAL ED cycling chino Shorts and Sun t-shirt
14. Vans Old skool shoes