SNOBICI Essentials - Jiri Parizek
2020 photos: Jiri Parizek

Name: Jiri Parizek - @parez
Age: 39
Location: Brno / Czech Republic
Profession: graphic designer / part time photographer

Why cycling? 
Cycling to me means freedom, passion and escape from real life. It's easy to grab your bike and get out to hit some beautiful roads. Or just explore some less ridden gravel paths. After more than 80.000km's in the saddle I know exactly what I need for a ride or what to wear in all kind of weather conditions which can be pretty tricky specially in winter time.

What is your favorite cycling destination and why?

Oh... so many good destinations! But If I've to choose one it's definitely Croatia. The reason why is very simple, Croatia has everything you need for cycling – from hilly parts to flatter parts, it's only up to you what you choose. Great place to spent time for spring training is northern part of Croatia – Istria. Until 1947, the borders of Istria included a part of what is now Italian Venezia- Giulia and parts of modern-day Slovenia and Croatia, so you can still feel the Italian atmosphere everywhere. All the signs are bilingual (Croatian/Italian). You can get best coffee even in the smallest village in the hills around Ucka Mountain which is a highest peak of Istria (1400m). Ucka is one of my favorite climbs for one reason only... I always beat my mates when we climb up from Vranja :))) It's a crazy steep and long climb.

What is your favorite essential and why?
Three things I wouldn't change. First MAAP clothes which fits me best, and you look always cool in it. Second SOLESTAR insoles – since I was a child I had problems with flat feet and my back so this insoles really changed my feeling on the bike. Also they're stiff and really helpful to me. Third, is my Wahoo ROAM! Easy to manage all the data and routes...really helpful toy – can't live without it!

What is your favorite race and why?
If I've to choose one – It's Paris Roubaix and from grand tours definitely Giro d'Italia. In fact, all the spring classics because the weather here in Europe. So I've plenty time to watch races on TV. During winter I'm into all the cyclocross races mainly here in Europe. 

What is your favorite mid ride (coffee) stop or hotspot?

It's a local loop around 70km's through Moravian, Karst, with a stop by my parents weekend house, a great place to chill and have coffee. We don't have many chances to see each other because I spend a lot of time working, beeing with my wife and son or riding my bike. I feel happy in the area where I ride. I’m always searching for new roads or I'm trying to challenge myself on segments. There's always something to improve...from skills on bike to your body performance – I think that's what drives me forward!

1. Cannondale Super Six Evo / FFWD Wheels F6 with Challenge Strada 25mm (weight - 6.7kg – size 58)
2. Maap Pro Jersey / Limited edition
3. Maap Team Bib Shorts 3.0
4. Maap X 100% S3 sunglasses
5. Giro Synthe MIPS
6. Wahoo Tickr Heart rate monitor
7.  Wahoo ROAM gps computer
8. Apple Airpods
9. SiS bar Espresso
10. SiS Hydro Caffeine tablets
11. SiS REGO (totally love it)
12. Mavic Cosmic Ultimate III
13. Mavic socks
14. Solestar KONTROL (fallen in love with these insoles)
15. Sony RX100 mkIV or Ricoh GRIII (depends where I go – Sony for wider lens and Ricoh for larger chip)
16. Maap X Bellroy Phone Pocket (CO2 plus Air booster)
17. On Cloud X shoes