Rapha indoor kit
2019    photos: Stan Koolen

Do you need it: No. Do you want it: Yes
Tried and tested Rapha’s new indoor training kit. The full collection consist of a tanktop, cargo bib, cap and towel. I gave the top and bib a try. What do I think of it? It’s comfortable, fit is great and nicely made, what you expect from Rapha. Is it something you really need? No, one of your bibshorts and a baselayer (or no baselayer at all) will do the job just fine. Why would someone buy this kit? The bib comes without straps and with mesh pockets on the side, great to store your phone during workouts. The bib stays nice in place thanks to the grippers and high rise cut at the back and low cut at the front. The tanktop combines the best of two worlds, your favorite cotton T-shirt and baselayer. The fit is looser than a baselayer but tighter than a regular t-shirt and made of a lightweight fabric. It’s light, stylish and comfortable, exactly what I need(want) for indoor training. Like I said it is something you want, not something you really need.

Haters will hate, no matter what. But I think Rapha is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which is to take advantage of a quickly-growing niche. I’m pretty sure more brands will follow.