Pas Normal Studios Essential Thermal kit
2024 photos:  Stan Koolen text: Stan Koolen


Pas Normal Studios, founded by Karl Oskar Olsen, Peter Madsen, Tommy Pedersen and Brian Nygaard, stands as a beacon of innovation and style in the cycling world. Renowned for its cutting-edge designs and uncompromising quality, the brand has quickly become a go-to choice for cyclists seeking performance-driven apparel with a touch of Scandinavian sophistication.

As an avid cyclist with a eye for quality gear, I recently had the opportunity to put the Pas Normal Studios Essential Thermal kit to the test. Known for their commitment to innovation and style, Pas Normal Studios has garnered a reputation for producing top-tier apparel that combines performance and aesthetics seamlessly. Read my review as I dive into my firsthand experience testing out this cycling kit, examining its functionality, comfort, and overall performance on the road.

Essential long sleeve jersey


At the heart of this jersey lies its innovative soft grid fleece-backed 4-way stretch fabric. This fabric is a game-changer, providing an unparalleled combination of softness, flexibility, and warmth. The grid fleece backing not only adds a layer of cozy comfort but also enhances breathability, ensuring optimal temperature regulation during dynamic rides.  Even when adding layers underneath. The 4-way stretch capability allows for unrestricted movement in every direction, accommodating your body's natural motions with ease.


Unlike the cycling jerseys from the mechanism line that prioritise aerodynamics above all else, the Essential Long Sleeve Jersey boasts a relaxed fit that prioritises comfort without sacrificing performance. This relaxed fit is a breath of fresh air for riders who prefer a more casual feel without compromising on functionality. It provides room for layering underneath during colder rides while still maintaining a sleek silhouette that cuts through the wind with minimal drag.

The three rear pockets are perfectly sized to stash all your essentials – phone, snacks, keys, gells – you name it. They're super easy to access, so you're not fumbling around mid-ride trying to dig out whatever you need. Personally I prefer a more tighter overal fit of the jersey, especially when you carry a lot of heavy cycling essentials, like a pouch and phone, it might become a bit saggy. But I think that’s more a personal preference.

Pas Normal Studios is known for its short cut jersey. In my opinion it is great, basically, it means you don't end up with a bunch of extra fabric flapping around when you're on your bike. The same goes for the essential long sleeve jersey, although it’s a more relaxed fit they still maintained that short cut front.

Now, onto the high neck collar. It might seem like a small thing, but trust me, it makes a big difference. Especially when you're facing winds on chilly mornings, this collar acts like a shield, keeping the cold out and the warmth in. It's all about creating a cozy little bubble around your neck, so you can stay comfortable and zoned in on your ride.

If we look at the silicon gripper, this little addition at the hem, that keeps the jersey in place, works great. Personally I’d love a more tighter fit, but for a more relaxed fit styled jerseys it’s fine. It’s snug enough to stay aerodynamic and in place.

Unlike some cycling jerseys that opt for a tighter, more form-fitting design, the Essential Long Sleeve Jersey prioritises a more comfort/ relaxed fit without sacrificing performance. For some cyclists, particularly those with shorter arms or a preference for a shorter sleeve length, the sleeves on this jersey may feel a bit long or loose. This can result in a slightly awkward fit, with excess fabric bunching up around the wrists or interfering with gloves while riding. While the longer sleeves may offer added coverage and warmth for colder weather conditions, they may also feel restrictive for those looking for a more shorter and tighter sleeve length. However, it's essential to note that individual preferences for sleeve length can vary widely. While some may find the longer sleeves of the Pas Normal Studios Essential Long Sleeve Jersey to be a drawback, others may appreciate the extended coverage and protection they provide. 


The Essential Long Sleeve Jersey from Pas Normal Studios totally nails their signature vibe. It's all about that clean lines, and earthy colours, not too much branding, enough to let people know you're repping Pas Normal Studios, but not so much that it's in your face. Plus, they've got a range of colours, so the jersey is designed to combine seamlessly with the other elements in the Essential collection.

Thermal long sleeve baselayer

The Pas Normal Studios Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer is a premium piece of cycling apparel designed to provide warmth and comfort during colder rides.

Pas Normal Studios is known for its high-quality materials, and this baselayer is no exception. Constructed from a blend of technical fabrics, with a merino wool interior and a synthetic fibre exterior, it offers excellent thermal insulation while remaining breathable and moisture-wicking.

The baselayer is designed to have a close, athletic fit, which helps to trap heat close to the body without feeling restrictive. The fabric is smooth against the skin, minimising chafing and irritation during long rides.

The use of Polartec Powerwool fabric is a standout feature of this baselayer. Polartec is known for its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, moisture-wicking properties, and breathability. It effectively traps body heat while allowing moisture to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable during intense rides in cold conditions. The premium merino wool makes this piece naturally odour resistant.

While primarily designed for cycling, the Pas Normal Studios Thermal Baselayer can also be used for other outdoor activities such as running or skiing. Its versatile design makes it a practical addition to any athlete's wardrobe.

Essential thermal bib tight

I received the Essential bib tight in dark purple in March 2023 but only tested it from the fall of 2023 onwards. The Essential bib tight in navy color was delivered in November 2023. Both bib tights look identical, however, I have worn the navy color considerably fewer times.

The Essential Thermal Bibtights are packed with innovative fabric technology. These bib tights feature the renowned M.I.T.I. SuperRoubaix fleece with a DWR treatment and an anti-abrasive finishing for excellent water repellent capabilities and increased durability. The shorts repel very light rain and wheel spray well, somewhat adding to their off-road (or gravel) credentials. The fabric's DWR treatment won't handle a full-on downpour, but they dried out quicker than I was expecting.

The heavier, brushed fleece surface provides exceptional insulation but is not too thick to restrict mobility. The bib tights are designed for cold and windy conditions, and it has clearly fulfilled its function. If you desire more wind protection, incorporating some windproof panels might be beneficial, but it could compromise the flexibility of the fabric as well.

One of the first things you'll notice is how comfortable the bib tights are to wear. The 'Articulated knee' may sound like a bionic limb, but it's actually a set of four interlocking panels, brought together with extremely soft 4-way stitching. This allows the knee to move freely without any unwanted seams. When you hold the bib tights up in the air, there's a clear bend in the fabric to accommodate the curve of the legs.

In my opinion, the dark purple color has a more unique appearance, especially when combined with the color of the Essential long sleeve jersey. Therefore, I’ve used this pair of tights more often than the Navy one for road rides and gravel trips.

However, after approximately 10 rides, there is already a noticeable difference with the navy bib tights, which may have been used 3 times. There are already visible tears in the Pas Normal Studios logo on the sides of the thighs, and there are also clear imperfections visible in the stitching of these bib tights. For bib tights in the highest price category, I believe this should not be acceptable. When you’re paying a premium price for a cycling garment, you expect the highest quality and not visible wear and tear after approximately 10 rides and washes. Especially considering that comparable printed logos of some lower-priced brands are still intact after years of use. The logo on the navy bib tight is still intact, perhaps it is of a different quality, but that is not immediately visible. It remains to be seen how it looks after multiple rides and washes.

According to PNS, the chamois consists of four layers, providing excellent pressure point padding. I found the pad good enough for any kind of ride, long or short. During rides up to 100 km on the race bike and gravel bike, I felt little to no discomfort whatsoever. Although I must say, It's not the most cushioned I have ridden with. The silicone gripper around the ankle ensures that the bib tights stay nicely in place on the bottom part of the leg and don't ride up. In a size L, the length of the bib tights is long enough for me. On the website, they indicate that a person who is 190cm tall wears a size M, however, I’m also 190cm and I wear a size L which seems to fit perfectly in my opinion.

These bib tights are warm enough to use even in temperatures dropping below five degrees and the DWR treatment made them good in wet weather. The technical specifications are excellent and they look great, an impressive balance between extremely warm tights while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable feel but getting a pair is definitely an investment. Pas Normal deducts €270 from your account before sending out a pair. Is it worth it? €270 is an incredibly high price and you expect the best.