Pas Normal Studios - Balance
2020    photos:  Stan Koolen text: Christel


When your boyfriend is obsessively into the latest trends of cycling apparel, you as a partner, can not escape getting all the ins and outs of cycling. I can name a whole list of all kinds of cycling brands and parts while I don’t even own a roadbike myself, quite impressive I’d say.

When he told me that Pas Normal Studios was about to launch a sportswear collection next to their extensive cycling collection, I was immediately enthusiastic.
Pas Normal Studios is one of the brands that I personally really appreciate. It has excellent quality and a timeless, yet modern look and feel.

The Balance line has been specifically developed for the offseason strength building. With the idea that during the dark winter months you can work on your fitness to lead to a more competitive racing season.

I've tried and tested the Women's Balance Bra and the Women's Balance Short Tights in the color stone. The first thing you notice is the quality of the fabric. The fabric is incredibly soft and has a beautiful taupe color. The Bra is made of two layers of fabric on the front and non padded and therefore feels secure. The back is constructed of an Italian made woven fabric, which is extremely lightweight and highly stretchable to move with you during workouts. The elastic band is highly stretchable and feels comfortable. On the front you'll find Pas Normal Studios familiar purple signature tag and white logo. The shorts are made of a soft single layer fabric and feels extremely comfortable, like a second skin.


The Bra provides a good fit and enough support for the bust. I have to note that I cannot speak for women who have a large bust size. Because the Bra is lined, it is not immediately noticeable when someone is cold or is having an increased heart rate and blood flow. You know what i'm talking about...Obviously it can differ from person to person.

Personally, with my 1.90m I might have been better off taking a Large instead of a Medium size. This has nothing to do with the size, but mainly with the length. The Bra has no adjustable straps, which means that you cannot adjust it in that regard.

The tights fit and feel like a second skin. You hardly feel that you are wearing it thanks to the soft fabric. There is a small edge of reinforcement at the bottom of the legs. I personally find this unpleasant, because it digs into your skin. However, I can imagine this will diminish over time as it will stretch a bit. The perforated elastic waistband delivers an additional element of breathability whilst keeping the tights in place during high-intensity activities.


I've tested the outfit several times during my yoga workouts. The fabric moves well and does not shine through. The outfit keeps you free from distractions of discomfort so you can remain completely focused on your workout, however I did find the waistband of the short a bit annoying, occasionally it rolls back. I think I would have liked it better if the elastic band had been concealed in the same fabric as the pants and possibly a bit wider. It may also depend on which sport you practice. With yoga you squeeze yourself into the most impossible poses. During intensive workouts the microfibre fabric instantly absorbs sweat and allows me to stay dry during and after exercises.


In conclusion, I can say that I think the quality of the fabric is very good. I am also very pleased with the fit of the clothing, although of course I made a comment about the bra not being adjustable. I think this has more to do with my height than it has to do with the fit of the Bra. The short tights are really great although I think that with a small adjustment of the elastic waist band and leg band an even higher degree of comfort could be achieved.

The Pas Normal Studios short tight is available in sizes M and L and retail for €100,- the Bra is available in sizes XS - L in cup size A/B and C/D and retail for €80,-