How to: Apply Speed Potion wax
2021  photos by Stan Koolen

Every watt that is lost to friction is one less watt available to power your bike. Speed Potion Wax is developed together with pro riders and mechanics who’s daily stage is the World Tour.

Speed Potion Wax from Dynamic Bike Care is the ultimate bicycle chain coating. A top-grade wax composite containing over 17% friction reducing additives in a unique formula that makes you faster, is extremely durable, provides maximum wear protection and keeps your chain clean. 

The wax is extremely adhesive when hardened and penetrates very well into the chain in liquid form. The elasticity of the coating ensures a long-lasting effect. Depending on the conditions, the wax emulsion will outperform any other lubricant. Not only reducing friction, but also protecting against wear and silencing the chain.

Due to a unique formula containing an innovative (top secret) emulsifier, Dynamic Bike care made it possible to add more friction reducing additives than ever before. The natural wax composite is now drenched in materials that minimize friction and save precious watts.

Most lubricants have a relatively low resilience or elasticity, this is indicated by the Brugger value. Products with a low resilience are pushed out of the area where the actual pressure is applied (displaced). Oils, being fluid, have the tendency to slowly drift back to the place where they are needed, which means they get a second chance at doing their work. Wax based products that harden out don’t have that benefit. Once you exceed the maximum pressure a wax can handle, it is displaced and will not drift back into place as it is solid. Speed Potion Wax has a resilience that is about 5-6 times higher than other wax based products meaning it stays in place longer. Even if you are a rider who produces higher power levels (>500 Watts) when sprinting, climbing or when you accelerate.


We’d like to guide you through the process of waxing the (old) chain with Speed Potion wax. When you have a bike with a new chain or replacing the old chain with a new one, the following steps remain the same.

Step 1: Make sure to take the chain off the bike, it will make the next step a lot easier.

Step 2: Put the chain in a plastic back, box or old jar together with a good chain degreaser. Make sure to completely degrease your chain to ensure good adhesion. Even when the chain is new, there is a factory lubricant on it which makes it very hard for a wax product to stick to the metal surface.

Step 3: Rinse the chain well with water after you’ve thoroughly degreased it. Let the chain dry completely, we’ve used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Be carefull when touching the chain, it might still be hot from the hair dryer.

Step 4: If the chain is dry put it back on the bike. Shake the bottle before opening it. The oxygen in the bottle can cause some of the wax to harden in the nozzle of the bottle. Make sure it’s mixed in well. Apply one drop to each chain link, both on the inside of the chain as well as on the outside. Don’t over-or underdo it. Excess wax will harden and can easily be removed. Speed Potion Wax penetrates the chain very well and sits in the chain rather than on the chain. The focus for this product is on the increased efficiency of your drive train rather than cosmetic factors like color or silencing abilities.

The formula reacts to oxygen, so please keep the cap on the bottle as much as possible.

Step 5: Adhession will be at it’s best after 24hr, so be patient. It will have a positive effect on the durability of the coating. It will reduce friction, noise and also protect the chain against wear. Your chain will remain dry, smooth and free of dirt. This means it will save you precious watts.

When you feel you want or need to re-lube the chain, clean the chain gently with a brush or cloth and add 1 drop to every chain link. Depending on the condition of the chain and your plans you can do this only on the inside or on both the in- and outside of the chain. Speed Potion Wax is a very durable coating and will stay on your chain for a long time. In ideal situations 600km is no exception. What needs to be factored in is the chain line, wear of the chain and cassette, humidity, cleanliness of the chain at the first application, hardening time, application method etc. The power output of the rider is also an important factor. 

Step 6: Order your bottle of Speed Potion here, you can get 20% discount with code SNOBICI20
Enjoy your ride and start attacking those strava KOM’s.