Comete Tricolore LTD
2020    photos:  Focal_77 and Widenproduction

A few words by Sebastien Jarrot, the man behind @cyliste_tricolore, about his signature shoe and his obsession for the three colours.

Inspired by my obsession for the French cycling culture instilled in me by an old friend from South Africa, and after several setbacks mainly because of people who didn't understand the social media scene, ‘Cycliste Tricolore’ became my signature name on instagram. Since then I go by the “tricolore” principle. Preferably a dark navy-blue bibshort, bright red top and matching shoes, helmet and socks. 

In my search for marginal gains, I found the ultimate connection in the Mavic Comete Ultimate 2 shoe, as an extension of my body, this shoe is the missing link between me and my machine.

The Comete Ultimate unique modular construction is revolutionary in every sense of the word. The shoe is constructed from two main components: a carbon shell and a separate one-piece internal bootie. As soon as I clip-in my shoes and hear this loud ‘click’ sound, a powerful emotional signal tells me that my machine and I become one, here I take control.

This tricolore Edition was custom made in France to perfectly match my bike colors, a unique piece of art that totally amplifies the ultimate connection. Homage to French cycling kings like the Badger or Anquetil, with a deep blue color and the red for the blood spilled during the brutal French cycling classics.

I can’t wait to train, race …and win in these shoes. I hope you will experience this feeling too.