Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 
2020    photos: Stan Koolen

Okay, it’s time to show you the new bike for Stan, the man behind SNOBICI. As you might have noticed on the SNOBICI instagram account, Stan will be riding Canyon bikes for 2020 and hopefuly beyond. Starting with this Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 with the latest Sram AXS Force etap groupset with Quark powermeter and FFWD F6D wheels, the same wheels as last year on the Titici bike.

The colour of the Ultimate changes from blue to green in different light conditions, in our opinion a really stunning colour but really hard to photograph, especially the green hues. Stan found the right backdrop for this bike just a couple of blocks away from his home, this is actually the exterior of a local Lidl store, probably the fanciest Lidl store in the world. The brown colour and the shapes of the building in combination with the bike, makes the bike look it’s “one of a kind”. The good thing is, it’s not! This bike can be yours as well.

Special thanks to: Canyon and FFWD wheels