Biehler Technical jersey + Essential bibshort
2020    photos:  Stan Koolen text: Jean Pierre Bolsius


For me cycling is more than pedaling around; I really like the lifestyle, stories from the peloton, camaraderie and challenging yourself every time you clip in.  Over the last couple of years I got myself more and more interested into fashionable and high quality stuff and started following brands like Rapha, Maap and Pas Normal. Depending on my mood, I like the more subtle styles with one, maybe two darkish colours and sometimes I am really into crazy patterns with bold colours. In general I like bib shorts with longer leg lengths and I am also into the longer aero sleeves, which you see on several brands over the last years.

I met Stan Koolen, founder of Snobici, on a local group ride. That typical 'group' ride on Saturday when everybody is relieving the working day stress and turning into professional crit racers. Stan's good fitness and proper style stood out and back home I realized he's the one behind this popular Instagram account Snobici. Over time we connected more and he asked me to test some Biehler stuff.

Biehler Technical Jersey

I was really looking forward to testing this Intergalactic II jersey. I already got my eye on this jersey because of its lively and bold colour scheme. I think those colours are not for everyone, but this jersey really stands out when you're up the road.


As I mentioned, the Technical Jerseys have bold colours and you can choose between a purple/yellow Intergalactic, a purple/blueish Grunge one or a Red/orange/blue Grunge one. The jersey is lightweight, breathable and fast-drying. This was very welcome when I tested it for the first time climbing in the Eifel area in Germany with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

The jersey has your traditional three back pockets in place and a low cut collar at the front. I must say I really liked those two features. I am 195 cm tall, somewhere around 80-83 kg and I like my kits to be very close fitting. Normally I use a gel or two and with most jerseys it's really hard to get them out of my back pocket. Biehler improved their rear pockets so both left- and right pockets are lower cut at the outer sides. This makes grabbing your gel much easier when you're in the middle of a break away and your heart rate is going through the roof. The other feature is the low cut collar at the front. I like low cut collars because when sitting deep into the handlebars I don't like the feel of a collar and zipper burning into your throat. Therefore I have several one piece suits with low collars, but when it's a bit chilly I normally wear something under my suit/jersey. Always a bummer when you can see this undershirt peeping just above that low cut collar, but this Biehler Technical Jersey covers it decently.


Like I said, I am a tall and skinny guy and that's not easy when it comes to choosing a size. In my closet you can find jerseys from S to XL and nowadays we order almost everything online. With Rapha and Pas Normal I normally go for L. Therefore I decided to go for L with Biehler and this was spot on decision. I mentioned I like longer aero sleeves, so when I first put the jersey on I felt the fit was really skinny. I was afraid the sleeves would throw me back a couple of years. Luckily the sleeve length matches my preferences. It's long enough to cover 80% of my upper arm and the elastic gripper is firm, but soft enough so you don't notice it when you ride. The jersey has a skinny race fit and is elastic enough. I don't recommend a size L for anybody who's bigger or heavier than me.

Biehler Essential bibshorts (black/white)

Since the introduction of smart trainers and training programmes, like Zwift and Sufferfest, I prefer to do my interval training sessions indoors. Especially in the winter, I turn my schedule from long endurance rides outside to short interval sessions on the smart trainer. This works really well, but I noticed that due to the short efforts I am almost every day of the week on my bike. Therefore I needed to expand my collection of bib shorts. I am really picky about the fit and the chamois, so this could be a tough job for Biehler.


The Essential bib short is available in black with a combo of different brand colours (white, blue, red) on the leg cuffs. It's designed in a pre-shaped racing position with highly functional mesh straps for best breathability and optimum moisture transport. I know bibs must be all black, but every now and then I like them to have a little more detail, or get them in a different colour. For my test I choose a black bib short with white Biehler details.


To be short; this is my all time favourite bib short. This is very personal, so let me explain why I am so stoked about it. The leg length is long enough to cover my long limbs and the grippers are very firm, so the bib short almost doesn't move when you're getting on and off the bike. When you first put it on it's very tight and, in L, almost too skinny, but when you're on the bike it never feels too close or narrow. Maybe it’s the preshaped racing position Biehler refers to on their website. The straps are just fine. I don't know why they are highly functional, but I don't feel them when wearing them, and that's good enough for me. The chamois or pad is also good for me; thick enough for comfort, but not too spongy. It just feels good when you're climbing out of your saddle and then quickly switch to a deep racing position to attack that descent. What I don't like about bib shorts is when they're too slippery and you are moving around on your saddle every time. The Essential bib short is a little bit grippy. I like that a lot. However, I did hear them making some noise when climbing on low speed and putting big power on the pedals. Which, of course, is a cyclist nightmare. Noise or squeaking sounds is not what we want. Could have been just me, but good to be aware of. Lastly, I washed the bib shorts approximately ten times and the letters have no sign of cracking. Let’s hope it stays like that.


At first, something held me back down buying a Biehler kit. I usually prefer the casual Rapha or Maap look and feel. I was wrong. Biehler easily matches quality, details, fit and style in my opinion. Colours and design are very personal, but Biehler expanded their collection. You can find both bold and subtle designs in their collection.

The Technical jersey is availble in sizes XXS-XXXXL and retail for €141,35 incl. VAT and shipping. The Essential bib is available in sizes XXS-XXXXL and retail for €185,21 incl. VAT and shipping